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Date : 16-12-20 00:00
Winning Presidential Award & $20 Million Export Tower
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Winning Presidential Award & $20 Million Export Tower!


The 53rd Trade Day award was held on December 9th at EXCO Daegu city. This year, we won the $20 Million Export Tower award out of many companies and individuals who have contributed greatly to exports for one year.


In particular, export limit grew 20% year-on-year despite difficult economic conditions both local and abroad. This was possible because of the many customers who poured their affection and attention to our products. Also, it was a prime award because of the efforts of our employees who have been running for a whole year without any hesitation for customer satisfaction.


In addition, our president Shin Jung-Pil who has been leading the company for 40 years has been awarded the Presidential Commendation from the state. Even though there were many difficulties and rough situations throughout the 40 years, but overall it was a happy day that getting rewarded by all the years from the hard work which were made with the mind that 'exportation is one way to establish the country' and being recognized its effort from the government.


We would like to share the joy of the award with all of our employees and customers.

Next year as well, we will do our best to improve customer satisfactions.